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Tin Jacinto

This multidimensional healing session starts with an energy scan to gain awareness of the underlying patterns and influences that affect our decisions and actions. It proceeds to an assessment of the current condition of one’s psychic, mental and emotional bodies, which affect one’s physical condition. A process of clearing, guidance, ritual and recommendation then occurs with the assistance of the Helping Spirits.

About Tin...

Tin’s inner struggles and childhood burdens made her energetic frequency open to other people’s pain and suffering. This allowed her to learn how to be emotionally self supporting and turn to her psychic gifts for guidance. 


Her earliest epiphany is that she always had help from her Spirit Guides; from the bluish white stars in her room providing her comfort as she sleeps, to the massive Angels who protected her from potential dangers.

She is a natural born seer & healer who over the years trained with wonderful mentors and Spiritual Leaders: local, international, natives, inter dimensional. With beautiful Humans and loving Spirits.










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