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What's in Store for theHealing Circle in 2022

As we enter 2022, we want to find our footing once again after two years of uncertainty and change. We also want to learn to thrive no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. We want 2022 to be about resilience and renewed purpose.

The narrative we hope to create for this year is divided into 4 chapters. Each chapter covers a quarter of the year and each quarter has a general theme:

First Quarter: New Beginnings: A Fresh Start

Second Quarter: A New Me: Self- Care and Growth

Third Quarter: The New We: Relationship Tending and Expansion

Fourth Quarter: Full Circle: The Completion

Our first three months of the year will be devoted to identifying and clearing past issues and patterns that block our growth. By releasing these stuck energies, we can raise our vibrational frequencies and start the year with an energetic re-boot.

Our first 2 speakers for the year, Jeannie Javelosa and Melvin Sua, gave their astrological and feng shui forecasts for 2022, which set the context or backdrop for our individual journeys.

This February, Bunny Caminade will focus on the life patterns that keep us in an endless cycle of victimhood. By recognizing these patterns, and acquiring the tools to release them, we can finally focus on aligning to our true purpose.

For March, Healing Circle members will be invited to join the first Focused Healing session. The aim of the session is to do an aura re-set-to clear negative emotional, mental, physical and esoteric energies from the aura and to impart the tools and techniques needed to keep energy flowing and unimpeded.

The second quarter of the year will be focused on deepening our understanding of ourselves and what drives us. We will have talks and sessions on healing the inner child, healing the Mother Wound and understanding the Divine Masculine.

A conversation on Finding your North Star (your direction and purpose) and a Basic Healing workshop will also be offered.

The third quarter of the year will focus on our relationships with other people, the world around us, and Mother Earth. Featured themes and topics are: empath survival, relationship tending, dealing with mental baggage, decluttering your space and caring for Gaia.

The last quarter of the year will focus on the theme of harvest or completion. Talks and healing sessions will focus on karma clearing, gratitude and aging gracefully.

The themes, talks and webinars have been carefully chosen to support the members of the Healing Circle in their journey towards empowerment, enlightenment and transformation. However, the schedule is not set in stone. We welcome your comments, suggestions and questions and will do our best to ensure that the offerings address your needs.

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