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Healing House @Palma's activities for July 2022.

After Emotional Reset, What's Next?

Can you believe we have now entered the 3rd quarter of the year? Where has the time gone? Half the year has passed and now we ask, "What else do I need to tend to?"

After the turmoil of emotions brought about by the events of May, June allowed us to pause to reset and rejuvenate -- as we further released what no longer serves us -- and to seek activities, projects, learnings and relationships that bring us joy.

This July, we further ground our search for joy and fulfilment by getting in touch with our Inner Child. In the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, we lose touch with the dreams and simple joys of our youth. Honoring and listening to the Child Within may help us illuminate the path ahead.

Payatas is home to the country's largest dumpsite AND home to approximately 120,000 children, many of whom are malnourished. It is the goal of The MEALenium Project to alleviates this widespread malnutrition.

A little help goes a long way! Thanks to your donations from the Focused Healing session with Dr. Edna Coliangco - Chua last June, we were able to help feed 50 families for 2 days.

Among the food donated were healthy options such as:

Sayote 60 kg

Upo 60 kg

Okra 30 kg

Carrots 30 kg

Kangkong 30 kg

Ampalaya 15 kg

Monggo 15 kg

Donations were given at the Mother of Divine Providence Parish - Payatas QC, with the assistance of The MEALenium project, last June 21, 2022.

What happened Last Month?

By Amy Colanta

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.

- Albert Einstein

If I were to capture the essence of what Olivia Veloso's message on manifesting was to a full room at the penthouse of Holism Center, it was this: Life is a series of miracles if you allow life to flow.

For one of its first in-person workshops of the year, The Healing House invited Gendai Reiki Master Olivia Veloso to give an afternoon talk last June 3 about manifesting, the subject of her latest book "From A Place of Knowing". The book is filled with amazing stories experienced by Olivia herself and the many people she has guided through the healing modality of Reiki.

The concept of manifesting may sound so common, if not mainstream, that it is mentioned very casually, oftentimes in the context of the law of attraction, the object of attraction being abundance, that abundance oftentimes referring to money.

Olivia explained that manifesting is not merely just subscribing to the law of attraction. The locus of manifesting is in the individual, yet it involves much more than uttering definitive words about abundance.

"The place of knowing is the highest level of perceiving and responding to life." This knowledge, according to Olivia, begins with a decision about what your passion and purpose in life is. "You have to be passionate about your passion. Act on your passion, make the time, do everything that you can."

"Closing the gap of separation between you and the Universe..."

Writing these words now with the joy, flow and ease of knowing why I write at all, it seems like such sweet irony that prior to this I was trying to write an article about a workshop on manifesting and I had the most difficult time writing about it. The words didn't flow the way I wanted them to.

I was stuck, and it was frustrating.

I knew why. Over the last few weeks, my grief process had taken a different turn. The pain became raw and all too real. I wanted to deny and bury my sadness and tried to hasten my healing, to no avail. I felt out of sorts, tried hard shooting from the hip when it came to making everyday decisions, to mixed results. I felt the imbalance and thought my grief was getting in the way.

I am the last person to want to wield the writer's block card, but there I was with a screen in front of me and a string of words that went nowhere. However, I knew in my heart I will write and finish the pending article, no matter what. Writing is my passion and life purpose and it became more obvious ever since my partner Leony died six months ago. Writing about my unfathomable grief over his sudden death had been a great part of my path to healing. Anything I wrote about my journey, I wrote from the heart and I wrote well and effortlessly. Just not lately, and certainly not today. I knew it will be done, but I eventually decided to leave it alone and let myself breathe.

Off I went to see my acupuncturist for a session that I didn't want to put off because of a writing deadline. I happen to have reconnected with her a few weeks back, just when my grief shifted to raw pain. After I told her about the current state of my health we agreed to a ten-session treatment plan. Today was my second. As usual, she examined my ears, asked me to stick out my tongue, and peered at my palms. Down came the needles and off I slept for close to an hour.

I woke up refreshed and my mind was blank. I was relaxed and calm. Pleased with the results, my acupuncturist invited me to have coffee at the nearby food park.

Over coffee and cake, she started talking about her ongoing fascination with manifesting. It was a subject I remember her obsessing over ever since we met at her old job a few years ago, sneaking in reading time and watching countless YouTube episodes whenever the boss wasn't hounding her with deadlines.

Then she leaned in and confessed, I think my manifesting efforts on keeping this acupuncture practice is working.

I asked why.

When you called me two weeks ago to schedule an appointment, I decided to finally commit to this practice, no matter what.

You see, my acupuncturist had a difficult time pricing her fees, thinking that her community in the province will not be willing to pay that kind of amount. I kept egging her not to devalue her work, that she recognize its full potential and her own worth.

Then I called and scheduled my first session a few days later. The following day, one of her old patients from her former workplace called and agreed to a ten-session treatment plan. Like me, he insisted that she charge him the same amount I insisted on her charging me for her generosity of time and energy.

When she was telling me her story, I couldn't help but think back to what Olivia said about when manifesting reaches that point of "allowing things to happen". It is but human nature to want to control the outcome of decisions and be certain of the results. But that mindset operates from a place of fear. Meaningful manifestation starts from a place of fear over the unknown, shifting to a place of knowing your passion and purpose, and onto a place of trust that what must unfold will do so.

Hence, the law of attraction is really this: "We have a choice, but it's God's call."

It is this trust to allow things to happen that ultimately closes the gap of separation between you and the Universe, as Olivia put it. In her case, she came to an understanding that Gendai Reiki is her tool to heal and expand her life's purpose. She allowed the in and out flow of life - allowing life to happen - thus expanding her life.

Back at the coffee shop,my acupunclturist and I were slowly coming to an understanding as to why she was so excited and determined to tell me about her manifesting experiences, It was as if the tap suddenly turned on, and there I was filling in the gaps of what she had read and watched with what I learned from Olivia's talk. In no time, I knew how to write the article.

We were each other's miracles, after all.

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