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Olivia Veloso

Gendai Reiki Ho Master

Olivia is a Reiki Master of eight different systems and has been practicing this form of energy healing for close to 30 years.

About Olivia...

My Story

Olivia Veloso teaches GENDAI REIKI HO, the only system recognized by the Japanese government as the official Reiki method. She was trained by the founder Hiroshi Doi Sensei in Ashiya, Japan, and was one of the first to teach this system in the West. Olivia is also the only Master teaching Gendai Reiki Ho in the Philippines.


Olivia’s treatments have been known to heal and touch lives. Her classes are highly reputed to uplift and inspire. You will leave her classes understanding energy, and go beyond the basic benefits of Reiki. With just one class you will see the world from a whole new perspective.


Olivia travels widely to teach and give treatments. She has been involved in organizing international Reiki conferences. She is a sponsoring supporter of the Usui Reiki 2022/2023 Convention, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Reiki.


To unite and encourage her students, Olivia established Gendai Reiki Ho Oneness in December 2020.


Olivia is the author of the books On the Wings of Manifestations and Wherever You Take me. She recently released her third book entitled From a Place of Knowing.

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