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Master Melvin Sua

Geomancer / Feng Shui Master

Personalized Destiny Reading

Home & Office Feng Shui

Auspicious Date Selection

Compatibility Analysis

He advises people who encounter crossroads in life and need to make major life decisions — in the areas of work & career, money & investments, love & marriage, family & relationships.

About Melvin...

He is an entrepreneur with years of experience in various businesses, and with keen interests in stock trading, markets & economics, geopolitics & history.


At the Healing House, he learned about crystals, healing, Millennium Method, Biogenesis.  Eventually, his path led to him to pursue the study of feng shui overseas.  He is now an affiliate feng shui practitioner for Destiny Asia Global Consultancy (Singapore)




Aside from relying on Ba Zi and different Feng Shui systems, he uses Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Tarot Cards, Angel Cards to complement readings.  


He believes that having advanced insights enables one to navigate peaks and avoid pitfalls ahead.  This maximizes opportunities and makes one’s life journey less bumpy.



“Forewarned is Forearmed”

Latin proverb

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