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Mary Ho

Mary is a heart-centered healer who believes in listening to your needs to help identify the areas that require attention. Using her intuition and tapping into 10 years of combined Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Energy Work and Craniosacral Therapy, no one session is the same.


With Mary, you will almost immediately experience a deep sense of the dedication and unconditional love she pours into each session.

She has also received training in Macrobiotics at the prestigious Kushi Intstite in Amsterdam and travels to international health forums to conduct workshops and cooking demonstrations.

Body Therapy Sessions

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)
1-hr session 

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is an innovative hands-on method of lymphatic drainage developed by Bruno Chikly, MD, DO out of his award winning research on the lymphatic system.


LDT is a gentle technique that works through the body’s interstitial and lymphatic system to activate the body liquid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Practitioners develop the skill to perceive and respond to the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The practitioner can then reroute the lymph by following the subtle indications given by the body, enhancing the healing process.


LDT is the first technique that enables the practitioners to detect and palpate the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body. It helps to:


  • Activate the body fluid circulation, help to re-route stagnant fluids eg. Edema, lymphedema

  • Drain toxins as part of treatment to promote tissue regeneration; helps evacuate fat content and protein rich fluid.

  • Stimulate the functioning of the immune system

  • Reduce muscle spasm and pain

  • LDT also includes advanced techniques such as lymphofascia release to simultaneously release lesions in the fascia and fluids of the body and can be applied to fascia, ligaments, tendons or trigger points in the body.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

1-hr session

What is CranioSacral Therapy? It is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It releases restrictions to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.


By complementing the body’s natural healing process, CST is used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease. It is effective for a wide range of medical problems including:


  • Migraines/headaches

  • Chronic neck and back pain

  • Motor coordination

  • Orthopedic problems

  • Stress and tension related problems

  • TMJ

  • Hearing problems

  • Facial trauma (due to accident)

Attunement and Activation of the Medulla Oblongata

45-60 minutes


The medulla oblongata is principal entrance for the body’s supply of universal life energy (Aum) and is directly connected by polarity with the Christ consciousness centre (Kuthastha) in the single eye between eyebrows: the seat of man’s power of will.

-Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of A Yogi, Page 405


The medulla oblongata is the very first part of the human embryo to form after fertilization and has many vital roles to play for us.


It is also known as “the mouth of God” by ancient masters or “zeal point” and is a source point for receiving divine information and activating our intuition and wisdom. It is the principal point of entry of life force into the body and the seat of the sixth cerebrospinal centre whose function is to receive and direct the incoming flow of cosmic energy. This life force is stored in the seventh centre (sahasrara) in the topmost part of the brain and from this reservoir it is distributed throughout the body.


The medulla oblongata is cone shaped and located in the brain stem situated at the base of the skull and above the spinal cord and attached to discs C1, C2 and C3 which are inb the Throat Chakra that governs self-expression.


The medulla also has a direct link to the pineal gland a.k.a the Master gland. It also connects the higher levels of the brain to the spinal cord and is responsible for several functions of the autoimmune system. 

The Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Appearance of “I Am” by Mauro Zappaterra


Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear bodily fluid bathes the brain and spinal cord in nutrients and eliminates waste products. It surrounds and protects the central nervous system and also cushions them in event of trauma. The body has about 150 ml of this fluid (about 2/3 cup).


Certain traditions believe that there is a step down process or condensation that occurs from the Source to our physical self. As the energy from the Source condenses into physical form, the step into the physical body maybe into the body that baths the entire inner and outer surface of the brain and spinal cord into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Nisargadtta Maharaj said fluids come together and the “I AM” appears. The CSF is a conveyor of energy. The pineal gland makes direct contact with the CSF and releases information directly into the CSF. In addition, the CSF contains the “spirit molecule” DMT that is released by the p[ineal gland and, therefore, the CSF may serve as a vehicle for immediate signalling to major control centres of the brain and is significant in regulating consciousness and the sense of “I am”.


“The soul swims in the CSF”


“The CSF seems to acts as a storage fluid and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and light energies”


-Dr. Randolph stone, Founder of Polarity Therapy


By balancing the CSF flow and the activation of the medulla oblongata, you will experience profound new levels of openness, creativity, mental clarity, expansion, past life memories, an activated pineal gland causing changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition and behavior, increased psychic awareness and more.


This is the starting point to a new experience of NEW YOU.


What to expect during the session?


We are all unique individuals with different experiences and purpose in life. Our choices in this life influences the outcome of our experiences. Understand what your personal needs are and hold your highest intention for what you want to achieve during this healing session.


During the session, Mary will use integrated body and energy work, as follows:


  1. CranioSacral Therapy

  2. Energy Balancing

  3. Activation of the Medulla Oblongata

To know about the rates or to  book an appointment, you may also call
Faye at 0966-205-7303.

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