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Dear HH friends,


The global pandemic has been a catalyst for major personal and collective transformations for many of us.


Transitions and transformations are never easy.  We all need a strong yet nurturing support network to get through it.


For the healing practitioners of the Healing House, the support of everyone in the community has allowed each one of us not only to survive but to thrive in these trying times. This experience has been the inspiration for the creation of The Healing Circle, a community of like-minded individuals supporting each other’s journey of healing and transformation.


I invite you to join our community of loving and nurturing support and together we will thrive and transform through any crisis!

The Healing Circle is a membership community, where members enjoy privileges such as access to...


  • Information on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness

  •  Knowledge, skills and experience of a varied community of healers/practitioners

  • Private and community healing sessions at discounted rates

  • Tried and tested products, tools, supplements and services that the healers use and rely on for their own well-being

  • Exclusive events, workshops and webinars on healing

Join our community and lets thrive and transform our future TOGETHER!



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