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Founder Holism Center
Co-Founder Palma Healing House
Creator The Abundance Consciousness Program

She is a doctor of Psychoneurology, with a primary concentration on working with energy to create mind shifts and alter patterns and beliefs.

Edna Coliangco-Chua, Ph.D

About Dr. Edna...

She helps clients retrain their brains through techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. This process creates new neuropathways to reduce stress, to clear blocks, and to create a safe space of self-acceptance and clarity.


Prior to that, she practiced Theta healing. “I believe the body is a well-oiled machine. It can heal itself. All you need is to allow it,” she says.


By combining both of the modalities she specializes in, harnessing talk therapy and energy healing, Edna works with clients to shift their mindset. “We work on the mind first, and I help them bring it down to their heart space at an energetic level. That’s why progress is faster. When they visualize and manifest, they open themselves up to the energy and the life they want.”

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