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Jen CC Tan

Millennium Method Certified Master and Practitioner


About Jen...

My Story

Hi, my name is Jen and the human psyche fascinates me. 

I did my very first Millennium Method class in April of 2016, and have truly enjoyed my path down the rabbit hole into expansion and inner work. In 2017, I certified as a  Master Practitioner because I knew I wanted to help other people in their own journey. 

Today, I am in the midst of taking courses in archetypes and shadow work, inner child healing, and counselling in order to strengthen my practice. 

And on the 3D front: I am married to a wonderful person who no longer rolls his eyes at what I do and two lovely teenagers who have yet to find that they have their own magic.

Join me, and let me help you navigate the (sometimes) uncertain waters of life. 

Olivia is the author of the books On the Wings of Manifestations and Wherever You Take me. She recently released her third book entitled From a Place of Knowing.

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