I have been going to the HH since 2013 in several roles - as a patient, a student, a “tambay” or as a practitioner. In all the roles I am in, one thing is always constant, the feeling that I AM HOME!  The HH has been my refuge and oasis from the stresses of everyday living. It has helped me survive and thrive in life. The energy of the house, the different healing modalities and classes it offers, the kindred souls that abound, full of love and compassion and the delicious and sumptuous food that is served, have made HH a home for me.

I was somehow a regular visitor to the Healing House prior to the pandemic. I saw Tina and the other alternative healers and I always felt welcome, safe and rejuvenated there. The healers are grounded, compasionnate and effective. Later on, I met Bambie Carlos at Palma House and she recently did a space cleansing and I felt much better afterwards. I think Healing House and Palma House with its gifted and empathic healers will be my lifelong companions.


CEFAM Councilor

Healers need healing too...

Being in the healing ministry myself , it is quite challenging to seek help having different backgrounds in counseling. The Healing  House provided a different kind of healing that is unfamiliar yet effective in a way that I was taken to that new awareness of clearing parts that greatly liberated me from some beliefs and issues. Amazing. 


*More than that, I have found friends with beautiful souls. Healing house is not only a house for me.. It is a home☺️


Founder of Linea Etnika

“You’re our first! More blessings!”, I was told as I walked in Palma Healing House in Makati. And this was even before my session started. It was a truly memorable encounter with Bambie being their first visitor. It didn’t matter that the elevator wasn’t operating yet or that the furniture was still incomplete. I felt very welcome. I knew it was a place I could let go of things which no longer served me and vibrate higher. Always grateful Bambie is there to listen, understand what it is I need and do what she does best! Our virtual sessions are just as effective.

Owner of Fields of Faith