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Bambie C. Carlos

Palma Healing House

Co-Founder and Director

Graduate of Ateneo De Manila University with a degree in Psychology

Specializes in Space Clearing and Theta Healing

About Bambie...

Growing up gifted, Bambie naturally gravitated toward an alternative lifestyle, especially after witnessing her own father’s recovery from illness.


Along the way, she attracted energy practitioners who affirmed her talents. Bambie was trained by the late Carmen delos Reyes, co-founder of The Healing House. It was where the healers used to gather.


Bambie’s journey has come full circle with the student becoming both teacher and steward. She now helps gifted children be themselves and embrace who they are.


She says the most important lesson to teach or to learn is love. “Healing happens when you love yourself,” she believes. “Change happens when you love yourself so much that it has nowhere to go but out. Things flow when you come from a space of love. Healing is returning to your original state, which is love.”

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