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Alma Ledesma

Alma is a Personal Development Coach. She offers customized Coaching Programs with the goal of awakening and empowering individuals to believe in themselves and what is possible.  She is also an Energy Practitioner that can help people release their energy blocks and make their energies flow better for an improved wellbeing.

About Alma...

I have been a Badminton Coach for over 15 years and with this experience I have  molded numerous athletes to become the best that they can be by understanding who they were and what they needed to perform better.  I did not only teach them physical skills, but as well as mental and emotional skills  that enabled them to overcome the challenges that they faced.  My greatest joy as a coach was not just to see my students become skilled athletes but to see them overcome their limitations and grow into capable individuals. 


In 2008, I became and energy practitioner, learning several energy healing modalities like Pranic Healing, BARS, Theta Healing and Millennium Method.  With these Modalities I was trained to remove energy blocks and make energies flow better for a more peaceful state of being and faster healing.  Through all those years, I also gained a deeper understanding of the integral relationship of Mind, Body and Spirit, and how these are the driving force of every human endeavor. 


For the last 7 years, I have further enriched my knowledge by reading numerous books on New Age Psychology, Neuroscience, and Life Coaching.  These have equipped me with powerful principles, tools and practices that have made a big difference in my life and the lives of the clients I see.  I have dedicated my life to teaching, Personal Development Coaching and Performance Coaching for athletes, with the goal of guiding and supporting individuals to better understand their inner world that they may better navigate their outer world.

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