Guest Healer

Author of the book “On The Wings of Manifestations”, Olivia Veloso is a highly experienced Reiki Master/Teacher and is dedicated to helping others through her Reiki treatments and sharing her spiritual knowledge through her Reiki classes. She has been teaching Reiki since 1996 in Europe, and had taught in Australia, different states in the U.S. and in the Philippines and has been giving treatments for over 24 years. Olivia is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and the Gendai Reiki Network International.
She received her Reiki Masters training from various teachers in Europe, U.S.A. and in Japan and has her Masters, level in the Traditional, Usui Tibetan, Karuna, Hayashi, Sekhem-Seichim, Rainbow, Angel Reiki, as well as Gendai and Reido Reiki systems. She is also a qualified therapist in other holistic fields.
Although she has the Master’s, level in 8 different systems of Reiki, she chose to teach Gendai Reiki Ho. This system is as close as anyone can get to the original school and system of Reiki that still exists in Japan. The practice of Reiki should be simple, the energy gentle yet very profound. This is the Gendai Reiki way.
Olivia is an inspiring teacher and therapist greatly influenced by her experience through her studies with all her Reiki Masters but gives most of the credit for her deep understanding and love of Reiki through her training in Japan and the time spent with her Japanese Masters. Working with positive enthusiasm and compassion, Olivia encourages all those who seek to improve their lives and their performance through Reiki.
Olivia also guides and inspires others through her intuitive readings and private life coaching. Her workshops: “Understanding Manifestations” & “Living the life you desire” & now, “Simply Magical” has touched many and is described by her students as an ‘eye opener.’ She teaches from experience and shares how we can all manifest the life that we desire by following one very simple step.
Olivia is an intuitive reader who channels information, interprets auras/vibration, at the same time, uses the cards as a tool during a private session. Readings are based on what the person is attracting to themselves and what is ready to manifest in any given moment. Her main intention is to use a reading as guidance to what ‘may’ happen. The outcome can be changed as we all have the power of choice and free will. Guidance and solutions are given that can change and improve any challenges that may unfold in a reading. We can always change situations to benefit us. We are all creators and knowing what we are attracting to ourselves in advance can be helpful, inspiring and a calming experience.